Route servers

Peering with the route servers

The route servers use AS43369 and are:

  • 2001:7f8:c5::1
  • 2001:7f8:c5::2

Please configure peering sessions with both route servers.

All route servers peers are prefix-filtered with IRR data.

Traffic engineering communites

The usual filtering communities are implemented:

  • 0:PEERASN or 43369:0:PEERASN: do not advertise to PEERASN.
  • 43369:PEERASN or 43369:1:PEERASN: advertise to PEERASN.
  • 0:43369 or 43369:0:0: do not advertise to any peer.

And also:

  • 65535:0: graceful shutdown well known community (local preference 0 will be set on the route).

Mapping 32 bit ASNs

Peers with 32 bit ASNs can be filtered either by using large BGP communities, or by using standard communities and mapping the 32 bit peers ASN to a 16 bit ASN. E.g. routes to AS 201333 can be blocked by tagging them with the 43369:0:201333 large community or the 0:65040 standard community.

The current list of mappings is:

  • Fiber Telecom: AS 196753 to AS 65063.
  • IPKom: AS 198013 to AS 65075.
  • Wavecom: AS 200497 to AS 65080.
  • Naquadria: AS 201333 to AS 65040.
  • JCOM: AS 201502 to AS 65083.
  • AS 201950 to AS 65064.
  • GOLINE: AS 202032 to AS 65077.
  • Bluwifi: AS 203180 to AS 65086.
  • Gate T1: AS 204326 to AS 65088.
  • Alfa Service: AS 209102 to AS 65079.

(The mapped community can be computed by adding 65024 to the last octet of the peer's IPv4 address.)